Mother’s Day 2020

Mother’s Day 2020 arrives Sunday, May 10th this year and outside of the regular routine you may find yourself adhering to in order to honor your favorite Matriarch, current stay at home orders might have you in a bind. Fear not, we have some solutions that may readily arrive to save the day, or better yet; express your gratitude.

Tactile Craftworks (

For All your fine leather goods needs, Tactile Craftworks has some beautiful work your Mother might appreciate. The page link that we included features clutches, Coffee Mug Wraps, Passport Wallets, Journals and Flasks with Map Designs of Houston or even Hamilton themed. This is probably a gift that will arrive after the holiday, but is so masterfully crafted that it’s hard to overlook.

Eliana Bernard (

If you were wanting some decadent ceramic pieces, some of which are ready to ship from Austin, Texas, look no further than Eliana Bernard’s work. Top notch artisanship that is a joy to look at for years to arrive.

UB Preserv (

Do you want to save having to clean a kitchen full of dishes while supporting some of the best food in the City of Houston? Look no further than UB Preserve, with Mother’s Day spreads available for pickup on 5/9/20, this takes the stress and hassle out of a Mother’s Day table setting worthy of your family.

2nd Pair of Hands

We can’t forget to mention that gift cards are available for your favorite Mother from 2nd Pair of Hands. Our Personal Concierge can work to handle shopping, bill payment, organization and more. Why not free up those plans for Mom by offering her the gift of better time management.

Whichever of the options you may have decided, just remember to call your Mother if you can to let her know she was on your mind. It may not cost a dime, but can have a positive effect.

Thanks to all the strong women, here and who have gone before, who have raised us.

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