The Season of Showing We Care

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Valentine’s Day is soon approaching, and while there is always room for some of the more typical gifts that one might choose to give or be lucky enough to receive, we wanted to focus on the sourcing of such matters so that we might support local where possible and find some amazing pieces to inspire and/or cherish;

Jewelry; Possibly a standard in terms of Valentine’s Day Gifts, but instead of the same old styles, try browsing The Houston Museum of Natural Science Gift Shop for pieces that use less typical gems. Use code “VALENTINE” to save 25% off your Valentines Day Jewelry Purchase at

And, if you still find yourself in the jewelry market, you can take a look at one of Houston’s many jewelers in “Fly High, Little Bunny” located in the Heights. They have a wide selection as well as offer customization services. Check them out here:

Flowers: Houston has a wonderful flower district that can score you a magnificent arrangement. However, if you are in a pinch and choose to order flowers online, use The Bouqs Co., who practice sustainable farming with independent proprietors. If you use this link: you can save 30% off of your first order.

Art: Houston is home to many great artists with a variety of styles, which means you can usually find something for everyone. Over the past couple of years, we have admired a store by the name of Space: Montrose, which carries prints and originals of many local artists. They also have plenty of other locally sourced items like apparel and home goods that can make your house a home. Check them out here:

Chocolate: Houston is not new to the culinary scene, and while there are many restaurants of which you can make reservations at this year, if you are looking for something extra and particularly sweet, check out Houston’s “The Chocolate Bar” and just thank us later:

Ultimately, the idea of the Valentine’s Day holiday is to focus on being around the people you care about and share love. That doesn’t have to cost you a dime. However, if you do choose to express yourself with a gift, we appreciate (and think you will too) supporting local and sustainably sourced products this year.

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