What people say about us…

“People in the Houston area should know that Caitlin and her team at 2nd Pair of Hands offer to do anything, go anywhere and work tirelessly!  They helped us change apartments in November, including locating an appropriate mover, and all went very smoothly!  They are professional, always on time, and a pleasure to be around.

I hope to call on them in the future for the many, many other things they can–and will–do.”

~ Trisha H.

Rice Village 

I have known Caitlin Prescott for over 20 years. She is truly dependable, loyal and honorable. Not only can I count on her to show up, but I can count on her to be absolutely punctual. That is a very significant trait to me. She is the friend that I call when I need to count on someone. For example, when I needed a ride to the hospital for day surgery, she picked me up right on time (and that was no small thing…I had to be there by 5:30am!) and stayed with me the entire day. Her presence was tremendously comforting because I knew she would be there!

She is also the most authentic person that I know…her heart and her mind line up beautifully. She conducts herself admirably and always brings joy when she comes!

I am proud to call her my friend!

~ Elaine Bracewell


“2nd Pair of Hands is my go to place when I am in need of some errand running and gift delivery.”        ~ M.T.

Caitlin,  Thank you for great administrative support during tax season with the phone and clients. ~  Pam Moore

“Their ‘Can Do’ attitude and top notch service is something no working person can do without!”  ~ JM

For myself personally and on behalf of my law firm, I can’t give Caitlin Prescott and her business, 2nd Pair of Hands, high enough praise. We have been clients of hers for many years and the service Caitlin and her staff have always offered is not only top notch but also timely and affordable. For my law firm, Caitlin has prepared gift baskets and delivered them to clients and referral partners. She has run various errands and acted as a mobile notary. She has even worked in our office when we needed administrative assistance. All of her services are performed in a professional and courteous manner. We feel confident referring her services to our clients and have done so many times. Our clients all report their satisfaction and appreciation for the services 2nd Pair of Hands has performed for them which include accounting services, bill pay services, and acting as a personal assistant for special projects.

–  Eva D. Geer, J.D., Geer & Associates, P.C.


“The party was spectacular because of 2nd Pair of Hands’ attention to detail.”   ~ KP