Through Thick and Thin...

 In times of great joy and other times of loss and sadness, 2nd Pair of Hands can be there helping with a host of things both big and small.  Whether you are a new patient just getting back from the hospital, to simple demands, or in the throes of a wedding;  

2nd Pair of Hands will provide a helping hand to make your journey easier.

 Certified Professional Guardian (CPG)

2nd Pair of Hands is now providing CPG services in a natural expansion of the support our clients have come to rely and depend on.  As a CPG appointed by the Court, Caitlin is certified to provide protection for individuals who need “decisional support” due to cognitive or physical limitations which impede their ability to exercise their rights alone.


Close relationships are formed with clients as Caitlin works within the activities the Courts have approved acting selflessly and with undivided loyalty to the incapacitated person.  Services include legal, social, and medical interests of the clients.

Elder Visits

Elder Visits

Worried about an elder family member or friend?  We thoroughly enjoy the time we spend with our elder people.  During our time together we observe both the patient and the caregiver, chat with the patient, listen to their stories, and report back to our clients.We also write letters for clients who are physically unable to write letters so they can stay in touch with friends and family.


When you need someone to give you an unbiased update, we are here to help.

~Return items: Need and item returned to

the store, we have you covered for returns or exchanges. 


Relocating Elders

Moving elders to a new location is difficult for the elder and challenging for the person coordinating the event.  We can meet with the family and elder, hear their concerns, manage the multiple service people in the move process, keep the family and elder updated, plus make the move as simple and easy as possible.

Health and Patient CareJust home from a hospital stay.  2nd Pair of Hands will:

Fill your refrigerator with prepared food and/or grocery shop

Pick up your prescriptions and pharmacy items

Answer the phone and accept deliveries

Run errands

Home Repairs, Appointments, and Services


Waiting for an important package or Service Repair that dos not fit your agenda and having a busy home repair schedule? 


2nd Pair of Hands willingly: 


~Wait for the service person.

~ Supervises service works.   

~Notify with any unexpected additions to the services.


Repairs, Appointments, & Deliveries


Waiting for a repair or installation person not on your agenda?  2nd Pair of Hands willingly:

Waits for the service person.

Supervises their work.

Notifies you of any unexpected additions to the services. 


Your Special Day


Weddings are such a joyful and busy time filled with  a HUGE “To Do” list. 2nd Pair of Hands can lend a helping hand with everything on your list allowing you to enjoy the moment stress free. 

Services include:

~Pick up and deliver just about anything

~Make confirmation phone calls and answer phone calls

~Oversee schedules and send reminders

~Accept deliveries

~Care for the furry family members

~We can also when all is done, hand write invitations and manually mail them out for you or electronically create and send. 

~ We can also handle the Thank You cards so you can continue to enjoy  or wind down from the festivities. 



The loss of a family member is a time of stress that is loaded with last minute decisions. We at 2nd Pair of Hands can be the quiet, competent buffer allowing the family to grieve and have some peace.  

~We can answer phone calls, take a message, and respond to questions

~ We can take deliveries; being present at the home during service.

~Run  errands: picking up catering and last minute missed things.

~Walk, feed, and care for the household pets

~Write Thank you notes, address envelopes, and mail at your discretion

Office Support


Running behind in your office?  2nd Pair of Hands can step in to help you with:

Notarize documents – Yes, we are mobile notaries.

          Be a personal assistant including delivering and picking up the dry cleaning.

Take your car to the shop, get it inspected, pick up the license renewal, and have it washed.

Take care of paying your bills manually and electronically – from opening the envelope, writing the check, and putting the payment in the mail or online.

Give us your most unusual requests…

We invite you to take the 2nd Pair of Hands Challenge.  As the most versatile people you know, we welcome your “far out” and unusual – even bordering on strange requests.   With our wide array of contacts, we can do just about anything.  Our clients have asked us to:


Do your grocery shopping and put the items away at your house

Address your invitations, put them in the envelope, add the stamp and take them to the post office

Or if you’re more of an electronic person, create your invitations and send them online

During your home remodel, we can pick up samples and return them to the showroom, wait for service people and stay with them while they work, and be sure your home is secure at the end of the day.


Each day is different and exciting for us.  We look forward to hearing your challenge.

2nd Pair of Hands can do all of those chores for you.  When you get home you can ease back into reality instead of rushing headlong into the fray.