Back to School Supply Basics

While the needs for each grade at each school for our children may vary, it is important to note the options available as we prepare our kids for the year. Houston ISD recommends contacting the specific school that your child will attend to have an updated list (found ). Additionally, many times, schools will even have a prepackaged amount of supplies that are available for purchase.

Retailers, such as Target, also have a class list look up that can help to assemble your child’s classroom needs. While you can order and ship, there are also convenient pick up options. Shopping from a list in an online format can reduce the amount of time and spending on “extras” you find. You can use the Target classroom list finder: .

Finally, if you would like to stay hassle free in your Back to School campaign, remember that 2nd Pair of Hands is available to complete personal shopping. So, call us and kick back to relax knowing that we have you covered!

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