Don’t Let 2020 Holiday Shipping Deadlines Get You Down

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It’s safe to say that most holiday shipping deadlines have passed at this point, unless you are willing to pay an arm and a leg to try and overnight a parcel. In the year that 2020 has been, we’re not even sure that might arrive on schedule. However, below are some suggestions which will help you save face this year for any last minute gift options.

  1. If you are still ordering something online that will arrive after your desired celebration date, print out a picture of the item or receipt (sans pricing) to present to the receipiant the day of. It shows you have thought out the gift and planned enough to consider the delay. No one likes to think they have been forgotten on the holiday.
  2. You can still shop local and pick up your item in store! There is still time to make that last minute run, but you may want to confirm availability before driving around the city.
  3. Bring a baked good. You may laugh, but there is wisdom to the adage “Don’t be the late person, be the person who brought (donuts/breakfast tacos/bagels).’
  4. Hire 2nd Pair of Hands for gift pickup. With pickup permission granted to 2nd Pair of Hands with the store of your choice, you can avoid the continued headache of stressing over what will arrive when.

Finally, while many of us rely on the convenience of big box stores for much of our in person and online shopping, 2nd Pair of Hands wanted to share some other local business options that you may have not considered. Let’s support local small business where we can and have an excellent holiday!

Local Stores we recommend:

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