Screen Free Activities

In a new reality of staying in due to quarantine, we have highlighted some activities that will take you away from the many screens that may be available to you.

  1. Play board games, card games or puzzle. We’re sure there are some lurking somewhere in the house. Really, Trivial Pursuit from 1976 might open your mind 
  2. Origami. All you need is paper and instructions which can be found online, which will keeps participants amused and they will learn a new skill. To truly keep this screen free, print out instructions ahead of time.
  3. Bake or Meal Prep. This can be therapeutic, so depending on your ingredient supply, follow or create your favorite recipe to make some delicious treats.
  4. Garden. If you live in apartment, go to your balcony plant some flowers in pots. If you already have a flower bed or raised bed garden, maintain and plant as needed.
  5. Read. Start a family book club. Discuss what your favorite characters are and which parts you liked best and why.
  6. Draw or Color. There are plenty of print out at home coloring sheets/books that you can find online in advance as you schedule time to creatively outline and shade.
  7. Reminisce. Sort through old photographs, make a scrapbook of memories. It might sound a bit old fashioned but it’s therapeutic and you get to spend quality time with your family.
  8. Organize. Outside of just cleaning, organizing your life creates an opportunity to sort through clothes and items to review what you can donate, can keep and toss.
  9. Personal Fashion Show. Depending on your level of creativity, finding old clothes provides wardrobe for a fun and free way to try out a new style opportunity.
  10.  Camp in the Living Room. Making a Pillow Fort is a time held tradition to pass on to your family or even reserve for yourself. It takes only moments to assemble and allows you to rekindle your imaginative spirit.

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