Looking at 20 years of 2nd Pair of Hands

On June 11, 2000, 2nd Pair of Hands was established. Now, looking back on the past 20 years of business, we sat down with Owner Caitlin Prescott for a discussion on the company’s start and insights gained along the way.

Q: Can you breifly describe the vision of 2nd Pair of Hands and how it came to life?

A: I had the vision to assist clients with whatever they needed well before June 11, 2000.  I sought a path out of my job in Corporate America because I was checking my spirit at the door every day I walked into that office.  I started out by talking about doing something that made a difference in people’s lives.  I ran errands for co-workers at lunch and after work.  I also started house sitting for people when they traveled.

Q: How did you grow the business when you started and has that changed much in 20 years?

A: The main ways I have earned the business of our clients over the years are through networking and referral by current clients. Referral business is the best kind, because that means our assistance has meant enough to someone that they are excited to share their experience. I have learned that integrity is of the utmost importance when dealing within people’s lives.  2nd Pair of Hands is bonded and insured so that our clients never have anything to worry about.  Our clients come to us for assistance and our goal in every job is assuring clients that they have nothing to worry about while it getting done.

Q: You mentioned the importance of assuring clients confidence in the work you do. In what ways do you foster that trust?

A: I learned early on that doing routine background checks on all staff was a must so that I could tell potential clients that I knew for sure who was in their home or office. That practice started early and extends through today.

Q: Over the years, what kind of adventures have you been able to take on with and for your cutomers?

A: We have had many wonderful and interesting adventures in 20 years.  Some of the adventures have included; 

Being the point of contact for wedding receptions the day of the ceremony.

Driving family pets cross country to meet up with their owners in their personal vehicle and flying home.

Checking in on loved ones at assisted living homes while their families were out of town.  Running errands for clients when they needed help and their families were not close.  

Paying client bills and balancing their checkbooks.  

Moving into client’s homes and taking care of their animals while they travel.

Stopping by client’s homes to check on pets and houses.

Working for a custom home builder on the weekends showing their houses in a gated community.

We have also performed a lot of administrative assistance work through out the years.  I have been with one client over 18 years as her administrative assistant.  I have had the opportunity to watch her children grow up from toddlers to independent young adults.

Q: What are the current tasks that you are being asked to perform by clients?

A: Some of the jobs we currently have booked now are pet sitting, client bookkeeping, errand running, house sitting and checking on several clients that are in assisted living. Whatever the task, ultimately, I believe I am making a difference in my client’s lives and for that I am grateful.

Thank you to the many clients, staff, and family that have supported 2nd Pair of Hands over the years and thank you for your continued business!

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