Sustainable Resolutions

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Every January, we find that many people resolve to make some positive changes in their lives. This could be quitting smoking, dropping a few pounds, or making time in their busy schedules to relax. But, did you know a study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology found that six months into the year, fewer than half (46%) of resolvers were still keeping to their pledge? This year, try making some positive and creative New Year’s resolutions you may actually keep! Here are 10 ideas to get you started:

Trust Your Instincts
Stop Procrastinating – To get over procrastinating, make a to-do list and start tackling the most pressing jobs. Then move to the most unpleasant -the ones you really want to put off.
Learn to Take Risks
Forgive Someone
Tip Generously
Learn One New Thing
Live Longer, Watch Less TV (Get out that chair! A study showed folks who watched 4 or more hours of TV a day were 80 percent more likely to die of heart disease.)
Try a New Adventure
Get to Know Your Neighbors
Use Your Talents for a Good Cause

If these are things that you have tried in years past, but found yourself giving up halfway through the year (Or halfway through January), why not consider getting accountable with 2nd Pair of Hands? In many cases, having someone to help create the time you need to accomplish your resolutions can make all the difference.

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